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Address : Rue de la Montagne , 11 - 1000 Brussels
Website : www.abrumet.be
Contact person : Cécile PALIES
Vat : BE0874.712.643

Created in 2005, the Brussels Medical Telematics Association (Abrumet) has been working on a project to share computerized medical information amongst care providers. All Brussels hospitals and Brussels Federation of general practitioners wanted to collaborate on this project as they all understood the advantage of a better communication between care providers. The “Brussels Health Network” was born. The project is part of the 2013-2017 eHealth action initiated by the government. It is also a partner of the eHealth platform as it is using its highly secured technologies. The project is also sponsored by SPF Santé Publique.

A central server contains an index of medical documents per patient. The medical documents are not centralised, but are merely referenced on the Abrumet server. Any doctor having a therapeutic relation with a patient can access medical data which has been shared on the network.

The main advantages of this Health Network are:

Better management of administrative tasks and time saving

Secure access 24/24 to requested medical data

better communication between care providers

Global overview of the medical history of a patient

Improve ongoing care process

=>better management of secured medical data helps care providers to offer better care