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Medterrific success for the first edition of the Medtech Accelerator!

21 October 2016 - 14:11

The first Belgian startup accelerator specialized in medical devices concluded this Wednesday (October, 19th) on a very positive note with the pitch presentations of four exciting projects. The entrepreneurs embarked us with brio in the meandering of different medical specialties. Watch the video!

Arturo demonstrated how its device can reduce chronic pain. Heart Kinetics showed how their cardiac monitoring device could help reduce heart failure. Endoruler developed a tool to enable precise endoscopic measurements and Endoges challenges present obesity surgery technology.

Each pitch has been challenged by a panel of financial and healthcare-related experts who questioned the twists and turns of their innovative solutions.

After a tricky deliberation, the jury decided to grant Endoruler, the project hold by Benjamin Mertens a 1500€-worth prize. This will give Benjamin the opportunity to request the help of an expert of his choice to further develop his high-precision endoscopic measurement solution. Benjamin will also benefit from 2 month of free hosting at the BLSI.

The Medtech Accelerator will be back in February 2017.

In the meantime, is launching its new eHealth Accelerator, starting in November 2016.