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The only prototyping space in the Brussels Region devoted entirely to medical devices

This service is open to Brussels based spinoffs, starters and companies





The MedTech Atelier® is a Brussels initiative developed by with the support of the Brussels Life Science Incubator and Covartim. had the opportunity to acquire a full range of prototyping material dedicated to medical devices (and fully complementary to the existing fablab offer of the Region).

The MedTech Atelier is not only a room full of equipment but an entire support offer to your medtech prototype. The objective is to help the entrepreneurs to develop an early stage prototype by having access to dedicated prototyping room at the BLSI and with the support and advises of Covartim’s specific experts. Moreover will ensure a business support to your project and you will have the opportunity to join the MedTech Accelerator for specific collective coaching.

WHAT DO YOU GET ? has acquired a full range of prototyping material dedicated to medical devices and fully complementary to the existing fablabs in Brussels.

Cluster members –  being they startups, spin-offs or innovative SMEs – in Brussels (or intending to) can benefit from this service. If interested, an application form should be sent to the cluster team.


For who? Any enthusiastic entrepreneur, established in Brussels, who is willing to take his/her MedTech project/startup to the next level with the help of dedicated mentors and experts.

Where? BLSI – Brussels Life Science Incubator  (MAP)

How? Complete the application form. If you are eligible, a first meeting with and Covartim will be planned to finetune the prototyping support.

Further information? Do not hesitate to send an email to:





Christophe Coppens



Brussels Life Science Incubator (BLSI)

BLSI, created at the initiative of its two co-founders, the Brussels-Capital Region and the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), is the incubator dedicated to Brussels based companies active in life sciences.  BLSI offers a dynamic ecosystem for entrepreneurs and researchers active in eHealth, medical technologies and biotechnology.

Regarding the MedTech Atelier, BLSI offers a fully garnished room where the prototyping equipment will be hosted. The co-working space is also a good opportunity to meet the ecosystem.

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Covartim is a service provider offering consultancy, innovation, expertise and management with a specific focus on medical devices. Covartim supports their customers throughout their engineering development cycle (prototyping, manufacturing and testing).

Regarding the MedTech Atelier, Covartim will provide support and coaching for the use of the prototyping equipement.

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