MedTech Accelerator® 2022

April 21 – September 29

Applications for the 2022 edition are now closed!


This year, 8 innovative healthtech startups are taking part to the program!
Our team, coaches, and experts will guide them through the meanders of the MedTech sector during 5 months (15 days) of workshops, coaching, visits, and networking. Follow this adventure through our linkedin page!

BENEFIT proposes a statistical solution to unravel the complexity of multidimensional analysis of clinical data,
maximizing statistical power and tremendously reducing the necessary sample size for a trial.
This solution allows clinicians to guide patients and place them at the center of therapeutic decision.

BROVID is a breathalyzer that allows for rapid and non-invasive detection of pathogens ranging from coronaviruses to tuberculosis in exhaled droplets. BROVID harnesses state of the art microfluidic circuitry with optical biosensors for analysis of patient’s samples. Our device provides an instant readout, requires no medical expertise for its operation, and can be used in remote locations thus facilitating monitoring of new respiratory infection outbreaks. Our medical device is particularly well suited for massive screening and utilization in settings with limited resources. BROVID provides a powerful platform to rapidly respond to future pandemics and improve global health architectures altogether.

BuildWind is developing systems combining a digital model of indoor environments and sensors to perform real-time assessment of airborne pathogen risk of infection. The technology is based on their simulation software ASAPP: Advanced Simulator of Airborne Pathogen Propagation.

Gratiago® is a tool that helps patients become active consumers of healthcare.
Treatments often trigger anxiety and fear and this negative mindset is at the origin of non-drug-related side-effects that could be avoided.
Gratiago® consists of a smartphone app designed to provide an e- coaching at the moment of medicine intake to help anxious patients build up or restore trust and serenity over their treatment.

Most people suffering from physical injuries struggle to follow their rehabilitation program, making their recovery longer and costlier than necessary. Leaps is a platform helping patients stick to their recovery program by making them fun, smart, and connected with their physiotherapist.

Melimpus is a company that brings the power of VR to the care of burnout. It aims to decrease
the number of new cases, shorten the treatment time and enhance the reintegration succes rate.
To achieve this Melimpus has identified several moments along the care process where the care
can be improved with the use of advanced specific VR features, creating a VR care pathway for

We would like to allow elderly people to stay home longer as long they can by helping them with their medication thanks to our smart pillbox.
This smart pillbox triggers a visual and audio alarm at modulable time slots to deliver the medication.
The family or a home care nurse fill the pillbox and receive a notification about the medication of the patient.

Pulso project aims to reduce the number of animals used for scientific purposes by proposing a high-quality in-vitro testing service for new generation vascular devices under close-to-reality hemodynamic conditions in tailor-made anatomical models.


The MedTech Accelerator® supports HealthTech enthusiasts to accelerate the innovation potential of their solution by capitalizing on the expertise, infrastructure, and ecosystems available in Brussels and on the national territory.

✦ You are an entrepreneur developing a (connected) medical device?

✦ You are a healthcare professional with a disruptive project that will add value for the patient and/or the healthcare professional?

✦ You are a researcher seeking to validate your innovative HealthTech solution with the market?

Then our program is made for you! Tested and approved by 50 startups since 2016!


During the closing pitch ceremony, two prizes will be awarded. An independent panel of experts will select the most promising project/startup. The public will also get the opportunity to vote for its favorite medtech solution.

Pool of 150+ experts and coaches
50+ projects/startups accelerated

Whether you would like to:

✦ Understand the implications of the EU medical device regulation for your business

✦ Fine-tune your business model

✦ Go deeper into data collection and data exchange

✦ Develop a functional prototype

✦ Prepare for a fundraising

✦ Or learn to pitch like a pro

Our team, coaches, and experts will guide you through the meanders of the MedTech sector during 5 months (15 days) of workshops, coaching, visits, and networking.

  • Business matters (40h)

    Practical workshops with top-notch trainers

  • MedTech specifics (40h)

    Talks, visits and Q&A with subject-matter experts

  • Peers

    Pitch to and learn from other participants

  • Networking (20h)

    Introduction meetings and after-works with the Belgian HealthTech stakeholders

  • Shine

    Showcase your project during the closing ceremony with a pitching competition

  • Mentorship (20h+)

    Custom-made counseling to tackle your challenges and reach your objectives in a timely fashion


Participation certificates will be issued to the projects/start-ups that were present for at least 80% of the program and attended the two pitch sessions.

Topics include but are not limited to:

✦ EU MDR & CE marking ✦ Quality Affairs ✦ Clinical trials ✦ Data management & technical interoperability ✦ Product concept development ✦ UX Design ✦ Prototyping & software engineering ✦ Health economics ✦ Finance ✦ IP ✦ Team management ✦ Sales ✦ Pitch practice


If you would like to get more information about the content of this year’s edition, please send us an email (



The registration fees for the MedTech Accelerator® 2022 are listed in the below table, they are dependent on the type of organization as well as the date of registration. The price is per company/project, regardless of the number of people attending the workshops.

Type of organization Early birds price (applicable from 17/01/2022 to 15/02/2022) Later registration price (applicable from 16/02/2022 to 15/03/2022)


€ 500 (incl. VAT) € 900 (incl. VAT)


€ 1000 (incl. VAT) € 1500 (incl. VAT)


A refundable guarantee of € 300 (incl. VAT) is also requested. 

If you have any issues regarding the payment and/or the payment deadlines, please send us an email (


✦ Online + Onsite, in Belgium – various locations
✦ Precise timing and venues will be confirmed to the selected participants.


You can apply to the Medtech Accelerator® if :

✦ Your solution is an innovation applied to the health sector, intended to potentially become a (connected) medical device
✦ You have a first lab proof of concept
✦ Your market assumptions have been verified with your potential customers / partners
✦ Your startup or your project is established/willing to soon establish in Brussels
✦ Your startup is about to be created or is less than 5 years old



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The MedTech Accelerator® is an initiative of, the Brussels health cluster. is part of, the Brussels Agency for Business Support.

The MedTech Accelerator® is financially supported by the European Regional Development Fund.