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Fight Covid-19 members offer solutions to fight against coronavirus

17 March 2020 - 14:49

Unity is Strength!

As public health cluster of the Brussels capital region willing to be as reactive as we can to help the Belgian healthcare ecosystem and patients, we would like to share with you some solutions that could be extremely useful for your daily practice, if you have to deal with the Covid-19. is proud of its entrepreneurs offering support to healthcare professionals fighting against coronavirus.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us as well and keep safe everyone.


We want to help Brussels’ ecosystem to tackle this economic crisis. Therefore, we created a new page to centralize useful links to the European, federal and regional economic measures, as well as opportunities.  


What is your solution ?
The digital tool for better communication between patients and their caregivers. ADVELOX© – Secure Communication Platform (GDPR) – offers the possibility to better manage and organise telephone consultations between patients and their caregivers (e.g. GPs) and also to respond to any other request, with the main aim of reassuring patients and avoiding unnecessary travel.

Who is the targeted segment? And how does it work?
Healthcare professionals
1°/ register free of charge on the site as a healthcare professional.
2°/ invite patients, after registering free of charge, to connect to you via to request advice, advice and various requests, including in particular a telephone appointment.
3°/ respond to their request either by writing advice, sending documents, or by determining the time at which you will call them or they will call you for the telephone consultation.

Why is your solution better than the status quo?
by using ADVELOX©, you will be able to better manage your schedule, you will be less disturbed with impunity and you will see your expertise and availability finally honoured.

Contact or more info:

Discover the solution on Youtube


What is your solution ?
Andaman7 is a full personal health record with multiple features.
Andaman7 provides a Pandemic Module with very concrete features/solutions to help manage the pandemic.

Who is the targeted segment?
Andaman7 helps patients, health care professionals, hospitals, call centers and governments.

Why is your solution better than the status quo?
Andaman7 is free for patients and provides exceptional opportunities for care and research stakeholders.  One solution for many use cases.  Andaman7 does not store medical data in the cloud.  Andaman7 is a trusted partner: we are GDPR, HIPAA, GCP and 21 CFR part 11 compliant (FDA).

How Andaman7 can help (

Contact or more info:


What is your solution ?
We have built 2 different digital care pathways:
– Screening care pathway: A digital publicly available care pathway that supports caregivers by automatically triaging worried patients into suspected and non-suspected COVID-19 cases according to official guidelines. Furthermore we do a follows up on  patients for 14 days.
– Post-hospital care pathway: Care pathway that follows up on patients who have visited the ER or had been admitted to the hospital

Who is the targeted segment?
GPs and hospitals

Why is your solution better than the status quo?
By using an automatic screening tool we help the healthcare professionals to focus on the patients who really need medical care in a hospital and we keep patients who doesn’t need professional help outside the hospitla setting. Furthermore by using our pathways we ensure a proper follow-up of covid-19 patients and allow to build a database on the covid-19 virus.

About Awell Health (pdf)

Contact or more info:


What is your solution ? The “CLEANBUBBLE” is a depressurized room which can be installed in less than half an hour and which prevents pathogens from spreading in the adjacent environment.

Who is the targeted segment? Hospitals which must treat patients suffering from contagious diseases and that don’t wish the pathogenic agent spreading within the hospital institution

And how does it work? It consists of flexible walls that are attached to an aluminum frame, polyester piping, a HEPA filter and a UV-C germicidal lamp

Why is your solution better than the status quo? Timing of installation (less than 30 min), proven containment in term of regulation requirement, and be able to be installed in an outside container.

Discover the solution on Youtube

Contact or more info:


What is your solution ?
A telemetry bracelet, integrated in YOUtonomy-Sidly – a fragilized people accompaniment digital platform, for continuous remote monitoring of oxygen saturation, pulse and body temperature of patients with Coronavirus.
This is simply attached to the wrist and digitally transmits securely vital data and alarms (configured remotely), to the care provider.
This SIDLY-Care bracelet also has a direct alarm function, as the “help button” in hospitals, which triggers 3 cascading emergency calls and an alarm of SOS.

Who is the targeted segment ?
Hospitals, as well as support centers, such as rest homes, day support centers or accommodation institutions, medical houses, or simply general practitioners.

Why is your solution better than the status quo ?
it is a follow-up and help in an emergency that can save lives.
It lightens the load of healthcare workers, who will spend less time taking daily measurements and can react to a sudden change in the patient’s situation.
The system can be quickly and easily deployed.
It develops a help community for the beneficiary.

The video of the Sidly-Care system deployed in a hospital

Contacts or more info: / /+32 495 55.15.85 – Emmanuel de Vinck


Consortium « Flattening The Curve » is tech-digital  360 approach to fight the Covid-19 pandemic including an Application called « »
This consortium, led by Keyrus Life Science & Adunio, designed a system that relies on the combination of different technologies .

What is your solution?
Our consortium is the fruit of a national alliance of companies & Scientifics that are joining forces to offer the citizens, the government, the health authorities and the scientific communities the means to make informed decisions in managing the Covid-19 crisis. All with  a common goal: Flattening The Curve !
With a scrutinous respect of privacy legislation, our solution combines a contact tracing app using DP3T called « » together with AI powered data science.
We are all driven by the absolute need of respecting privacy and the citizens’ fundamental rights and autonomy.

Who is the targeted segment?
We provide digital support / tools to the citizens to stop /detect the virus  and to protect population in a full respect of  privacy & GDPR  !
This support can reinforce medical insights, academics or governement to have a better respons towards the Covid19 pandemic in Belgium and abroad.

How does it work?  Why is your solution better than the status quo?
Our application gives every citizen the opportunity to become a virus detector and protects your family and friends by protecting yourself .
Thanks to this application, the citizen can :

-Use a medical questionnaire/ Pré-test covid-19 at any time

  • -Have a link with online governmental informations/hot news Covid-19
  • -Have a « covid touch » diary of the last days in case of contamination- ensuring that the « contact centers », already in place, are better and faster informed, in order to provide the best
    help for the population
  • -Receive the advice to go for a testing and/or for contacting primary care and/or for link with « contact centers »
  • -Link with other countries (for safety holidays)

People without a smartphone can still make their contribution.  We provide Bluetooth tags that work in the same way smartphones can register contacts.  All totally anonymous!

Contact details: For any further details, visit or contact us by email: or


What is your solution ?
Healthentia is an eClinical Platform to capture Real World Data remotely from Patients (PROs and vital signs) and can support the Healthcare system to respond to the enormous needs of the COVID-19 pandemic requests, while keeping citizens away from hospitals, informed and feeling protected.

Who is the targeted segment?
At times of disease outbreaks like the ongoing Covid-19, the authorities need to monitor, advise and possibly restrict the entire population from crowded hospitals. For this purpose Healthentia can be used by hospitals, municipalities, civil protection authorities, regions & ministries.

Why is your solution better than the status quo?

Healthentia allows

  • Assess citizen’s symptom’s population;
  • Support quarantined citizens or with minor symptoms to report status for the required period and monitor positively diagnosed citizens away from hospitals until it is critical, through scheduled questionnaires sent to their smartphones;
  • Push alert messages to citizens from Civil Protection Authorities.

Contact or more info:

Website: www.healthentia.com
Press Release:
Tel: +32 477 291379


What is your solution ? is a free and highly-secured patient-oriented platform.

Who is the targeted segment?
For patients, to manage their health documents. For medical professionals, to send documents to a patient.

Why is your solution better than the status quo?
Patients can already manage their medical documents online.
By 23/3, a doctor will be able to organize a tele-consultation.

Contact or more info: 


What is your solution?
A digital platform to support people living with epilepsy and healthcare professionals in monitoring and managing the epilepsy. A continuity of care is crucial for people living with chronic disorders and as all non-urgent consultations are cancelled because of COVID-19, we are implementing video consultation functionalities. Thanks to this, and with the current access of health-related data, our neurologists will be able to provide teleconsultation without putting their patients or themselves at risk.

Who is the targeted segment? And How does it work?
For people living with epilepsy and their caregivers, the Helpilepsy mobile application helps to better understand and manage the epilepsy. This by tracking seizures, treatments, side effects, consultations,…

For healthcare professionals, the Helpilepsy web platform helps to better understand, manage and communicate with the patient. This thanks to easy-to-interpret dashboards, a prepared patient and reports that are easy to implement in the electronic medical record.

Why is your solution better than the status quo?
Currently, most follow-up is done on paper diaries. Digitalizing this follow-up is more user-friendly for people living with epilepsy and increases the number of data for the healthcare professional.

Contact details:, Tel: +32 473 36 41 92 – Ludovic Ampe


What is your solution ?
ISA is the 24/7 assistant for the nurses to prevent falls of seniors and disabled people.

Who is the targeted segment?
Hospitals, Rehab centers, Nursing homes, Service flats

And how does it work?
ISA is an ambient intelligence present in the bed room, bath room or anywhere a fall may occure

Why is your solution better than the status quo?
ISA is not a wearable, the person has nothing to wear and nurse has nothing to worry about

Discover the solution (.pdf)

Contact or more info: / / + 32 2 319 53 39


What is your solution ?
In this period of time, residents are often confined in their room with less and very busy staff to take care of them. In addition, a limited activity means a potentially degraded heath and an increased risk of fall.

Based on a small, non intrusive, contactless device on the ceiling, Kaspard detects falls and abnormally long bed exits and sends a real-time alarm to the nursing staff. The nurses are aware of a fall without having to enter every single room.

Who is the targeted segment? Nursing homes

How does it work ? You contact us and we can deliver easy-to-install devices to your home without having to enter the premises. Once installed, the nurses will receive the alarms either on their DECT or on a separate device.

Why is your solution better than the status quo? By using Kaspard, you will be able to react rapidly in case of a fall and often before a fall. The staff will not have to enter every single room neither to do additional checking tours to discover an adverse event.

Contact details:, Philippe Kaplan  0472 84 75 10,


What is your solution ?
Lilo Health is offering CE marked Covid-19 rapid test-blood sampling through finger-prick to minimize the interactions with nurses and doctors. Efficient testing in 20 minutes for IgM and IgG antibodies. According to the clinical study, the test receives 88,66% true positive result with 90.63% specificity. It can be used as a good pre-screening indicator and could be complemented by a PCR test when needed.

Who is the targeted segment?

– “Drive-through” model for clinics and hospitals

– “At-home” screening if deemed necessary by doctors

Why is your solution better than the status quo?

– Ease of access, since it does not require a trained person and laboratory equipment such as for PCR analysis;

– The results are obtained in real time;

– No need for a cold chain for transport / storage;

– Can detect “silent infections” (no symptoms).

Covid-19 Rapid test (pdf)

Contact or more info: or


What is your solution ?

Medicus AI has developed the CoVive solution to help “flatten the curve” of COVID-19 contaminations and relieve care areas during periods of containment and during the transition to decontainment.

Who is the targeted segment ?

Global population : The use of this application is free for its users, complementary to the actions undertaken by the health authorities, and makes the data collected available to Regional Health Agencies and researchers.

Why is your solution better than the status quo?

Several modules in a single app : logistical support, Monitoring of symptoms, Immune Passport and Test Interpretation, Feedback and Research, Further information

Useful website/link & contact details : contact : website :


What is your solution ?

  1. A) A coaching platform to monitor, guide and coach patients that can no longer go to their physical therapists
  2. B) A simple monitoring protocol for patient who have to stay at home because of symptoms suspected to be COVID19

Who is the targeted segment?

  1. A) Physical therapists that can no longer treat their patients because they can’t come to the practice anymore. With moveUP, they will be able to monitor how their patients are doing, assign them exercices, and communicate with them to guide them in their treatment.
  2. B) GP & patients to monitor covid-19 patients.

      how does it work? 

  • GP asks the patient to download the moveUP app and register with a dedicate code
  • The patient will automatically get assigned to the covid-19 protocol, and answer some profile questions (age, co-morbidities, etc..)
  • On a daily basis the patient will report his/her symptoms (fever, headache,  etc…) and the activities he/she has done, and get some advise on how to stop the spread of the disease and how to feel better
  • The GP can monitor hundreds of patients at the same time from the dashboard. If the symptoms deteriorate, the GP can decide to activate the messaging system and communicate with the patient / ask more information or give specific recommendations.

Why is your solution better than the status quo?

  1. A) The status quo is stop of the continuity of care for patient that were under treatment. With the cancellation of all ellective surgeries, patients are left alone in their home with no possiblity to manage their symptoms. moveUP will enable patients to be supported and physical therapists to keep working for patient that can be treated remotely.
  2. B) Save time for GP and safer – enables to monitor how the virus is spreading in the population and forecast intake in hospitals

 Contact details:  – 


What is your solution ?
Opal Solitions delivers software and services for decision support in resource planning and workload management in hospitals.
Careboard enables institutions (hospitals, clinics, rest homes, etc) to monitor covid-19 cases in a structured way

Who is the targeted segment?
The dashboard and decision support tool are designed for heads of department.

Contact or more info:

Discover the solution on Youtube


What is your solution ? delivers an online booking system for health professionals.

Who is the targeted segment?

Patients can book a medical appointment online and the health professional sees it directly in its calendar.

Why is your solution better than the status quo?

Innovation facing Covid 19? We adapted the online booking process to organize easily booking of consultations by phone. Also, we show in the booking process official Covid-19 guidelines.


Contact or more info:


The current circumstances related to COVID-19 can be a source of anxiety.

What is your solution ?
PSYSOLIDAIRES, a psychological digital platform, offers free online consultations to support people who are having a hard time with the new measures.

Who is the target segment?
Anyone experiencing anxiety or distress related to COVID-19 can make a request on the site in order to be helped by a psychologist.

Why is your solution better than the status quo?
We offer free support for people who need it in the current circumstances.

Contact details: 



At Savics we have 3 tools that can help in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. Our applications have been used in many countries for several years for the surveillance and management of infectious diseases, like TB, HIV, Ebola and now we have adapted our technology to also address the current COVID-19 situation.

What is your solutions ?

  1. DataToCare
    A laboratory connectivity solution for diagnosis, surveillance, and data management of the disease on a local and national level.
  2. Alics
    Real time data on the location, quantity and availability of resources like beds, ventilators, masks and other equipment.
  3. MediScout
    Guide people in the surveillance, testing and treatment of the disease through smart surveys.
    Includes AI-tool for mapping of areas at high risk for COVID-19.

Ready to deploy ?
Our solutions have been developed and proven and are ready to be deployed. The setup in any country can be
performed in 3 to 4 days and when customizations are requested, these can be done in an additional 2 to 3 days.
Moreover, our systems can be interconnected with existing health systems and databases like DHIS2, OpenMRS, LIMS,

For more than COVID-19
DataToCare, Alics and Mediscout have the capability of integrating multiple diseases (Tuberculosis, HIV, Hepatitis,
Meningitis, Flu, etc.) and cover a large range of devices and tests (GeneXpert, Culture, Microscopy, DST, LPA, TBlamp,
Abbott, Roche, Molecular, Rapid-test, etc.).
Our solutions have been used in multiple countries (in Africa, South-East Asia and Europe) and are always
customized to the country’s needs.

Key Benefits
● Implementation and customization can be carried out in the matter of days/weeks.
● Multi-disease management (Tuberculosis, HIV, Hepatitis, Meningitis, Flu, etc.)
● Interoperability, interconnectivity and data protection of these tools have been proven with different systems
and machines in African countries that include Rwanda, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco etc.
● All products have the ability to track, monitor, report and educate on multiple diseases, they have already been
used on TB, HIV, Malaria and COVID-19.
● Each product has desktop as well as mobile versions, increasing their reach and value to health actors
● Our solutions have both offline and online functionality, whereby the data is stored and only uploaded when
connectivity is restored.

Discover the solutions

Contact or more info:, Xavier Morelle – +32 (0)28 81 02 03,


What is your solution ?

Seek&Care is the “Amazon” of healthcare which allows healthcare practitioners to order their material online through a unique platform.

Who is the targeted segment?

Our solution is for all healthcare professionals: doctors – generalists and specialists, nurses, paramedics, centers and clinics. Since a week, we have also been managing purchases and supplies for hospitals.

Why is your solution better than the status quo?

In these difficult times, we help healthcare professionals deal with the complex management of purchases and to find the suppliers by sorting out the scams and allowing the professionals to truly focus on the patients.

Contact or more info: +32067883658 – Pierre Collard


What is your solution ?

Shyfter is the next level employee scheduling software. Planning your staff and organising shifts according to required skills and availability is a real headache. Shyfter ease your planning process by offering an intelligent and intuitive online scheduling tool.

Who is the targeted segment?

Any organizations that need to plan employee. Shyfter has been designed to gain in efficiency and speed. On average, we reduce the time spent on scheduling by a couple of hours per week.

Why is your solution better than the status quo?

We have developed a proprietary shift replacement system based on staff skills and availabilities. Our system also adapts to the various legal constraints on working hours.

Innovation facing Covid 19? 

We have decided to make the full power of Shyfter available FREE OF CHARGE to all medical staff during the lockdown period.

Contact or more info: ou


What is your solution?

Spentys offers a clinical-validated 3D scanning, modeling, and printing platform to manufacture high-quality orthoses or splints at lower costs. The Spentys platform streamlines the process of converting body scans into orthoses or splints that fit.

Certified orthotists and hospitals can now take full advantage of the validated Spentys 3D scanning, modeling, and printing workflow by getting in touch with us and let us help them streamline their process from converting contactless, hygienic body scans into orthoses that fit.


To support the demand for face shields in hospitals in Belgium, Spentys develops 3D printed protective face shields (medically-validated design)

  • To enlarge the production capacity, they share the design files and print files, so other print facilities in Belgium can help produce face shields in bulk. Other printing facilities that would like to help, do not hesitate to contact us!
  • Medical institutions that require 3D printed protective gear, do not hesitate to contact us!

Who is the targeted segment? And How does it work?

Orthopedic technicians and hospitals.

  1. Scan: You will receive an Ipad with the Spentys application and with a scanner attached to it. By contactless 3D scanning the patient’s limb, the Spentys application obtains the exact dimensions while taking into account patient-specific morphologies. This all happens without touching the patient.
  2. Model: Our patent-pending software semi-automatically models the digital orthosis. Creating a unique, durable & lightweight orthosis that fits.
  3. Fitting: The orthosis can now be printed directly at the point of care, or you can make use of our state-of-the-art printing facility to print the orthosis, using the latest of printing technology. Fast, robust & driven by a smart quality management system.

Why is your solution better than the status quo?

It’s a single, streamlined solution that combines 3d scanning, 3d modeling, and 3d printing into one platform. By using the Spentys platform, the orthopedic technician or hospital will increase their productivity by saving time and reducing labor. By eliminating the ineffectual and unhygienic method of measuring by hand, orthopedic technicians and hospitals will also improve accuracy drastically.

!!We decided to make our machines available, our modeling skills, and our team, for all your urgent production requests, in particular for medical equipment.

At this moment, we are looking into the possibilities of producing mouth masks, valves for ventilators, touch-free door openers, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us for urgent production requests regarding medical equipment.

Contact or more info:  – Louis-Philippe BROZE, Co-Founder


What is your solution ?

  • A platform to follow the daily measurements of cardiac patients,
  • A digital coaching program to guide and support cardiac patients in the management of their disease,
  • Weekly calls between the patients and our Coach-nurses to support them in the adherence to their treatment and the adoption of a healthier life style.

Who is the targeted segment?

  • Cardiologists and GPs who have to cancel or reschedule their consultations to avoid patients becoming contaminated in waiting rooms and ensure maximal readiness for supporting any Corona-related cases.
  • Cardiac patients who are more at risk of serious illness if they catch the coronavirus.  It is crucial that they are followed-up regularly, but due to consultations cancellation, these patients might face an increased risk of ill-managing their condition, resulting in a deterioration of their health.

And how does it work?

  • Cardiologists and GPs send an email to and they receive automatically an access to our dashboard and to a prescription link.
  • Patients register themselves with the prescription received by their doctor or directly via or via
  • Syndo call the patients and enroll them in the program.
  • Our Coach-nurses follow the patients daily measurements, call the patient every week and send a report to their doctors if needed.

Why is your solution better than the status quo?

In light of the Corona epidemic, patients have less direct contacts with their medical team, they stay at home without seeing their relatives and are stressed with this situation. Our personal Syndo coaches are the first point of contact during this “quarantine” period for any questions or concerns, they motivate patients to keep focused on their treatment while keeping a good mental health.

Furthermore, during this crisis, doctors have the assurance to be in contact only with their patients when needed.

Contact details ? Sandre Schnock – info@syndo.be


What is your solution ?
Toubipbip is a Medical Secretary offering secretarial services linked with a medical agenda allowing online appointments, messaging platform, waiting rooms management, … . We also offer Video Consultation for all practitioners. In this Corona virus crisis, we are acting as firstliner for the first line of GP by qualifying patient and their needs. Allowing GP to save time for their ill patient.

Who is the targeted segment?
All Health professionals: General Practitioner, Specialists, Dentists, physiotherapist,…

Why is your solution better than the status quo?
By offering online appointment, video consultation and personal secretary, We allow doctors to really focus on the patient during their consultation. Patient can make online appointment and get a personal responds to his needs.

Contact or more info: – Michael Ralet, Managing Director –


In Europe, most of the monitoring of vaccine coverage, benefit and risk is done nationally. Collaboration and sharing of data increase the capacity to quantify risks and benefits, allow comparisons between product brands and vaccination strategies, and promote knowledge sharing.

VAC4EU is a non-for-profit international association registered in Belgium.

VAC4EU vision is best scientific evidence on vaccine coverage, benefits and risks in Europe to support data-driven decision making. The mission of VAC4EU is to access, characterize and analyze available and newly collected health data to allow for evidence-based decisions by people, who need to either regulate, advise, prescribe or decide on vaccines (

What is your solution?

VAC4EU is offering:

  1. Ability to estimate coverage, effectiveness and safety of different vaccine products and schedules within and across European member states;
  2. Increased power to monitor rare safety events;
  3. Combining expertise and capacity to run studies more efficiently across member states;
  4. Use comparable near real time monitoring systems within and across member states to have most up to date information on vaccines;
  5. access to a network of scientists with recognized expertise on vaccine, yet offering flexible and rapid reaction;
  6. access to European data on roughly 100 million vaccinated people.

What is the targeted segment, and how does it work?

VAC4EU targeted segment is rather large in the sense that VAC4EU answers to calls from either:

  • Organization such as EMA opening calls on vaccine studies
  • Organization such as ECDC opening calls on vaccine studies
  • Vaccine manufacturer companies (from small, medium to large companies) looking for partner ready to conduct vaccine studies
  • European or national authorities opening calls on vaccine studies

VAC4EU will also assure:

  • Training course on vaccine and vaccine benefit/risk
  • Vaccine information to the authorities to support them in decision-making

How does it work?

VAC4EU today is composed of 22 organization-members distributed amongst the member-states composed of national institutes of public health, universities, research institutes. VAC4EU informs its members on requested studies and look for creating a study consortium based on available human resources, experience and willingness of the member to conduct the study. VAC4EU offers an administrative support and assures that the study is efficiently conducted.

Why is the solution better than the status quo?

No such organization as VAC4EI exists in Europe. The pandemic influenza crisis in 2009-10 and the new European pharmacovigilance legislation have changed how vaccine post-marketing monitoring should be done in Europe. It demonstrated the need for collaboration, in par: ticular, between public and private organizations, to sustain or improve some aspects of the post-marketing surveillance.

VAC4EU is precisely answering to the special need through its network and the number of highly skilled scientists who can provide the best scientific evidence on the benefit/risk of vaccination.

Contact details: Dr Patrick R MAHY, Ph.D.  – 


What is your solution ?
Free your mind from stress and anxiety by immersing yourself into the beauty of our world. Our Virtual Reality solution is a composed of a headset, as easy-to-use application and numerous astonishing immersive films. 10 minutes that changes your day!

Who is the targeted segment?
Our product is particularly suited for persons in situation of chronic anxiety or isolation as well as unexpected stress. We therefore target patients in cancer treatments, kids in emergency rooms, elderly in remote senior residencies as well as medical care teams under pressure.

And how does it work? Why is your solution better than the status quo?
Technically, you just have to turn the headset on and put it on your head. It’s that simple.
Emotionally, it’s a lot stronger : we offer you to virtually dive with dolphins or fly in space!
Thanks to its privileged agreements with the best VR film makers, only VR4GOOD can make you experiment these incredible footages. No computer images here, only our so wonderful real world.

Contact details?  or – Vincent DEFORGES


What is your solution ?
Telemedicine solution to remotely assess patients through audio/video and register valuable information in an automated report.
Telemedicine solution to remotely follow-up patients at home through audio/video and register valuable information in an automated report

Who is the targeted segment?
All types of patients with a computer access can be targeted.

Who does it work?
1. The patient receives a link to connect on the zebra web platform. Once he is connected he waits for the call of the doctor/nurse.
2. The doctor/nurse logs on the zebra web platform with a username and password and clicks on the telemedicine environment. He can then start a call towards the patient.

Why is your solution better than the status quo?
• With video doctors/nurse can better assess the status of the patient and speak with the remote staff or family to gather information.
• The automated report allows to gather valuable information and share it in a structured way with the hospital.

Contact or more info: , or via LinkedIn

If you also have a solution that can be useful for healthcare practitioners, hospitals, nurses, patients, industrials,.. dealing with Covid-19, do not hesitate to send us an email.