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Crossed interviews: Meet Advelox and ePSY

27 April 2017 - 9:45

Could you please describe your project in a general manner?

Dr. Marc Roelands: “We at ePSY want to support persons in changing their life and improving their feelings and relationships. We know that effectiveness and efficiency of counseling and psychotherapy can improve by integrating web technology to the fullest. Being a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist myself, I’m convinced that clients as well as psychotherapists will benefit from this integration into a comprehensive system. It provides them with the instruments they need to work together on clients’ mental health in a way never seen before, bridging time and space limitations of classical counseling and therapy.”

Jean-Sébastien Struyf:Today, patients struggle to reach out their treatment doctor to gain medical advice. They try to call their doctor, consult virtual channels such as Dr Google, do some HCP shopping or land at emergency departments. Today, HCP’s can’t offer a rich qualitative consultation to their patients because they are disturbed by disruptive phone calls every 2 minutes during consultation time generating a lot of frustration with the HCP and with the patients who are expecting something else from the consultation.”


In which manner or how have you identified your clients?

Dr. Marc Roelands: “Persons deciding that they need help for changing their behavior, emotions or thoughts will  probably always exist. They may be involved in difficult relationships, are suffering from dysfunctional habits, etc. Studying mental health service provision it became clear to us that services a) are not adapted to the fast life style of working persons, and b) are leaving opportunities of widely used technology underused. Moreover, it’s well known that increasingly people want to be in charge of their own life. So, our clients are a) persons who want efficient support for changing themselves and who are open to a new approach that includes modern web technology, and b) their like-minded psychotherapists.”

Jean-Sébastien Struyf: “With Advelox  we are offering a unique solution for both patients and HCP’s which will :

  • Help the HCP to depollute the consultation and allow him to have a high quality contact with his patients during which social, emotional and physical interaction is key to drive the right decisions
  • Help the patients who are seeking for medical advice to get quickly reassured and/or to get a response from his treatment HCP (and network) or when the latter is not available, from another HCP who will be connected to the treatment HCP of the patient.
  • Impact health economics by reducing the number of “false” consultations, the unnecessary traffic in emergency care, travelling cost, negative impact of “Dr Google”, burn out of HCP’s and many more.”


Why is Brussels of interest for the development of your business opportunity?

Dr. Marc Roelands: “There  are many reasons. Brussels is international! Its scale forces you to think big in business, too. Brussels has LifeTech, impulse and Innoviris! Brussels has developed the flourishing ICAB incubator and rich eHealth Accelerator program! I have experienced that these organisations do their outmost best to help new entrepreneurs in the world of eHealth and mobile health. It doesn’t hurt either that I was born in Brussels.”

Jean-Sébastien Struyf: “Advelox does not want to substitute or cannibalize the medical consultation which requires a physical interaction between patients and HCP’s. Advelox allows the HCP to manage his availability for his patients and  gives the guarantee to patients trying to reach their doctors to get an answer to their questions anytime and anywhere. Advelox offers the uniqueness of liaising the patient with HIS HCP and related network in a secured manner.”


What has been your major challenge up to now?

Dr. Marc Roelands: Starting a eHealth business is entering a complex, rather new and fast evolving world. You have to learn a lot about very different subjects who are in the end often related one way or another. Moreover, you have to manage this complexity in a limited time frame.”

Jean-Sébastien Struyf: “Our complimentary and experienced team is currently moving on with the development of the technical solution. We are encouraged by many feedbacks we collected from peers, from customers and from potential partners, collected through several channels (market research, prototype testing and face to face interactions.)

Brussels’ region offers us also a unique market place to start with as we find in a limited geography access to customers (patients/HCP’s) with a multiple background and language. We also have a concentration of potential partners who will be feeding our B2B approach. Finally, Brussels also offers a unique access to national (eg BCSS, Abrumed) and international institutions (EU) who offer us unique additional opportunities to grow, as Advelox intend to extend its operations beyond Brussels and Belgium with a specific focus to other EU markets and Africa.”


What can we wish you for the year to come?

Dr. Marc Roelands: “We hope to be successful in generating the financial resources that will allow us to co-create together with end-users, being psychotherapists and clients, a first version of the system’s specifications.”

Jean-Sébastien Struyf: “Advelox main challenge today is to fix B2B partnerships and to fund his R&D. We are looking for corporate business partners (insurers, major companies, …) who would like to enlarge their offerings to their members. We have also started collecting funds and were very successful in our first round. Anyway, as our development is going through an acceleration, our current challenge is to quickly get access to additional funding.

Our goal is to launch Advelox with pride and success to provide a superior experience to numerous patients and HCP’s. The need is there, the solution nearly also. It’s now time to accelerate the speed to market in order to meet expectations from patients and HCP’s”

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