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- I’m looking for funds to export my business. Who to turn to

I’m looking for funds to export my business. Who to turn to?

2 October 2018 - 14:58

Getting started on foreign markets is an important phase in the lifecycle of a company. This phase needs the implementation of a clear and precise exportation strategy, and often important investments too. There is governmental help foreseen to help these companies that want to grow internationally.


Exportbru proposes 3 types of interventions for the Brussels SME: the financing of the prospection phase of the first foreign market, the financing of the internal expansion of companies that are already exporting but who need additional resources and the financing of the implementation abroad to support companies in the creation of an affiliate, a joint-venture or the acquisition of a foreign company.

Depending on the case, these interventions can be loans or capital funds.  This support is reserved for SME’s who respect certain conditions, mostly in terms of turnover, the number of people that are employed and the industry they are active in.

National Contact Point

There are also other governmental entities who can help you with your international expansion. In order to assist you in quickly finding the support you need, the Brussels Capital Region has implemented the National Contact Point. Their mission consists in helping companies, universities, research centers and other actors in the Brussels Capital Region who want to launch innovation projects, to get access to the funds of the European Union, namely to the funds for research and innovation. They accompany project leaders during all stages of the project, from the request to the constitution of the file and the submission of deliverables, without forgetting the execution of the development strategy.

The’ experts can help you with the identification of your needs and can identify the financial partners that might be able to support you.

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