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I need financial support to protect my idea? Who to turn to?

2 October 2018 - 15:23

Having your idea protected is an important investment for which the return on investment, although almost certainly, only comes in the long term. Finding external financial support can be a solution if you need help to be able to start all necessary steps in time. There are different types of public help.


Innoviris does the same thing via its action evaluate, by which they support -using cash grants- companies that want to launch an innovation project and find out how feasible their idea is, mostly with regards to patents and intellectual property. In order to be eligible for this project,

the company needs to be able to demonstrate that their scientific research project or experimental development project, will have a favorable impact on the economy, employment or sustainable development in the Brussels capital region.

The National Contact Point

Different governmental and non-governmental entities propose solution to support companies in managing IP. In order to assist you in quickly finding the support you need, the Brussels Capital Region has implemented as part of the the National Contact Point. Their mission consists in helping companies, universities, research centers and other players in the Brussels Capital Region that want to launch innovation projects, to get access to the funds of the European Union, namely to the funds for patents and intellectual property. They accompany project leaders throughout all stages of the project, from the request to the constitution of the file and the submission of deliverables, without forgetting the execution of the development strategy.

The’ IP experts can help you to determine which financing strategy is most convenient to protect your idea and can put you in contact with the expert networks that are able to assist you.

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