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How to pitch (present) your project correctly

2 October 2018 - 14:30

Pitching is essential for every entrepreneur. At all times entrepreneurs need to be ready to present their idea, in order to prove its pertinence. Pitching is not as easy as it seems: we need to adapt our pitch to our audience– prospect, user, client, partner, investor… and present our ideas ready to convince our audience.

The rules of the art of pitching

Next to the content, that needs to be pertinent at all times, and the fact that you need to bring your story with passion, there are certain verbal and non-verbal communication rules, which need to be respected. To convince the target audience, the way of formulating the message and the body language that goes with these words, are as important as what the pitcher says.

In the end, also the support material that has been chosen to accompany the pitcher, has its importance, it needs to support the speaker without drawing away attention. This is why pitching is an art, with all its rules and best practice.

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