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How to convince an investor to support me in my development?

2 October 2018 - 14:41

When the product is ready to be sold, it happens that project leaders need funds to launch their marketing strategy to penetrate the market. Whether the project leader needs support as a loan, or as a loan that is convertible in stock, he most definitely needs to convince investors first to believe in his project. The approach is really the same when convincing a client of buying the product or a partner supporting the initiative: it is all about convincing the other party of the opportunity that lies within the collaboration, whether financial or not. In other words: it is all about pitching!

Pitching investors, yes, but how?

One of the golden rules consist in adapting your speech to your audience. If you are looking to attract investors, it is crucial that your pitch contains the necessary figures as the perspective of each investor is financial. It is therefore important to build your pitch in a way that it shows straight away that the project is viable and profitable by showing all the right metrics that make sense, and whilst making sure that the prove comes from trustworthy sources; if at all possible from market studies that have been conducted by the project leader himself. In the end, it is also important for the project leader to address the competences of the team that will be supporting the project, so the investors feel that the project is headed up by the right persons.

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