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How to convince a client or a user that my solution can be of interest?

18 September 2018 - 8:12

 Ensuring that a client or user understands the benefits of your solution is one of the major challenges for every entrepreneur. Even if marketing and promotion are essential elements in the process, it is even more important to find the right story. And in the end the approach is the same, independently of your audience you want the other side to understand the benefits your solution can bring, whether it is to convince a partner to support you or for an investor to agree to funding you. In other words: you need the right pitch!

Pitch for a client, ok, but how?

One of the golden rules is adapting your story to your audience. If you want to convince your future client or user that he needs to start using your product, you need to make sure that he sees the value your product can bring. It therefore comes in handy to put you in his shoes, so you can try to understand how your solution can improve or simplify his life. This will help you to identify whether your product will be adding value for your future clients and to steer your pith towards these features.

Our experts at can help you with the design of your client pitch and proposes training sessions as part of the MedTech Accelerator ®. Sessions can be given in group or individually.

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