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How to build my marketing strategy

How to build my marketing strategy?

18 September 2018 - 8:57

Before you start, and even before you start selling your product, you need to think about a marketing strategy and how you will penetrate the market. It is not only about publicity campaigns, but rather about creating a global and precise vision on how you want to promote and distribute your product.

The right questions to ask yourself

 What will your commercial launching plan look like? Which scientific publications can help you to position your product towards health professionals. Do you need a Key Opinion Leader?

Too which point have you adapted your Digital Marketing approach to your product?

How to generate leads? How to convert the leads into prospects, and prospects into customers? It is very important to ask yourself the right questions at the right tile. The sooner you get this vital exercise done, the easier it will be to launch your product in the most optimal way as possible.

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