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From therapeutic medicine to predictive medicine, joint R&D project call

12 March 2019 - 10:53

After a first call dedicated to artificial intelligence and a second to distributed and decentralized systems, Innoviris is pleased to launch the third edition of its Joint R&D project call, former Team Up.

This year’s call will focus on another strategic priority for the Brussels Region, namely health, and more precisely:

Prediction, Prevention, Identification: From therapeutic medicine to predictive medicine

Nowadays, medicine is not just therapeutic but integrates more and more predictive dimensions. In addition to providing care, it can predict, sometimes well in advance, the conditions that will affect a specific individual, allowing him to implement prevention strategies. Then, after the essential step of detecting and identifying the disease, it is able to predict the patient’s therapeutic response to the various treatments envisaged. On a larger scale, prediction can also extend to predicting the spread of epidemics. Prediction, Prevention and Identification will thus be the three pillars of the call, which targets actors from various fields such as biotechnology, information technology or imaging.


The objective of our Joint R&D call is to foster collaboration between academia and industry in the Brussels-Capital Region. The program involves active participation of both academic units and industrial teams with an aim of strengthening knowledge, transferring IP from academic research to the industry and turning it into solutions that lead to new business opportunities. Thanks to this call, companies will acquire the knowledge they lack/require and integrate the state-of-the-art, while academics will find real-world use cases to apply their findings. Universities, higher education schools and research centres are fully funded while companies get between 40% and 60% as function of their size.

Submit your project at the latest by 3 May 2019!

More information about the call can be found here.