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Financial resources for my project where to go to find money

Financial resources for my project: where to go to find money?

3 September 2018 - 14:48

Launching a new project often requires important financial investment as it is not always possible to entirely fund for it yourself. Finding external funds is something that preoccupies many entrepreneurs. Today there are plenty of options and out there, from private to public investments, over loans and capital investments, long term or short term….

Public investments:

 Whether you are in the process of setting up a company or developing an existing one, a broad range of subsidies and grants are available in the Brussels-Capital Region. These subsidies are related to specific categories of expenses: investments, recruitment, consulting, training, export, R&D, …. Sources and eligibility criteria may vary, so our experts can help you with identifying the possibilities that are most suited to your project’s status. They can also assist you in preparing all submission files.

Private investments:

There are plenty of private investment structures out there. If you decide to opt for this solution, it is very important to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of your investors by the means of a shareholder’s agreement to structure the new partnership.

Different types of (accumulated) financing will be available depending on the industry you are active in and on the nature and the specifics of your project. Our experts at can assist you in determining which type(s) of financing are best suited for your project whilst putting you in contact with their investor’s network.

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