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eHealth / IHE / HL7 Academies 2020 in Belgium 

September 16, 2020 - October 23, 2020

SEPT 16: An Introduction course to healthcare interoperability standards (HL7/IHE/DICOM)

Part 1: Healthcare workflows: the need for standardization

  • The IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) methodology
Part 2: Messaging: the exchange of structured data

  • HL7 version 2 – within hospitals
  • HL7 version 3 – between organizations
  • DICOM – images
Part 3: Documents: the exchange of textual data

  • HL7v3 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA)
  • Example: CCD, a CDA-based specification
Part 4: FHIR – the open API for healthcare
Part 5: The use of a unified terminology and identification schemes

  • (example) SNOMED – clinical terms
  • (example) ICD-10 – clinical terms for invoicing
Part 6: IHE profiles

  • Example: IHE Radiology workflows, IHE XDS
Part 7: Exercise mapping workflows to standards

  • Summary and recommendations

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SEPT 17-18: HL7 FHIR Overview training course



  • Overview of FHIR
  • Resources, extensions
  • The RESTful design philosophy
 Exercise: Requesting a patient Resource
  • Deconstructing FHIR data:
    • Resources
    • Datatypes and primitives
Use-case driven example: Person demographics, with extensions
Contents of the FHIR distribution
 More on REST, HTTP verbs, wire formats (XML/JSON)
Exercise: Updating a patient resource
Introduction to Profiling
Resource Bundles, Searching
The FHIR Operations Framework:

  • Parameter resource
  • Updating metadata: Tags, Security Tags and implicitRules


Exercise: Updating metadata on resources


Resource references:

  • Contained resources
  • References in bundles
Exercise: Add a contained resource
Terminology Resources
Paradigms revisited: Document, Messages, REST
Subscription mechanism, End Points
Use-case driven example: clinical document
Security and FHIR
Use-case driven example: Questionnaires
Exercise: validation
Summary and recommendations: V2 messages, v3 CDA, IHE XDS and FHIR

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OCT 20-21: IHE XDS/XDS-I overview

After this course you will be able to …

• Explain the core properties of IHE XDS and related profiles;
• identify problems related to archiving documents and images;
• explain how the dependencies between IHE XDS and archiving architectures (ECM, VNA, Cloud) and metadata management relate;
• carry out the basic transactions of XDS in a test environment, such as registering and retrieving images and documents;
• determine how best to apply XDS and related profiles within your own context.

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OCT 22-23: HL7 version 2 overview training course

1.Historical Perspective
2. Foundation: Dynamic models

  • Trigger Events
  • Message exchange paradigms
3. Foundation: Static (content) models

  • Abstract Message Structure, Fields, and Components
  • Data Types
  • Encoding Rules: Classic and XML syntax
  • Z-Segments, Extensions to HL7
4. An Overview of the version 2 documentation
5. Profiles and localization
6. Conformance and HL7 Tools

  • Testing, programming APIs
  • Commercial and Public Domain tools
7. Use of HL7 version 2 in key domains

  • Patient Registration Details
  • Observation Reporting and Order Entry
8. IHE

  • IHE: process, profile development, Connectathon
  • Radiology HL7 version 2 based workflow profiles (SWF, PIR)
  • Laboratory HL7 version 2 based workflow profiles (LTW, POCT)
9. Summary

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All courses are in English. Check out the details here


September 16, 2020
October 23, 2020
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Blue Point Brussels
Boulevard A. Reyers, 80, brussels, 1030
02 706 88 00