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Esperity’s partnerships: Working together for a common purpose

29 August 2017 - 13:31

One of’ members, Esperity, recognizes the value of collaboration and partnership. To achieve their overall aim of empowering patients and creating patient-centric services, they have collaborated with other healthcare professionals and companies in Brussels. According to Mitchell Silva, co-founder of Esperity, having a common goal is essential in creating partnerships. The goals must be aligned and there needs to be chemistry between the teams that allows the day-to-day business to be functional. Although very different in reality, Esperity’s partnerships with both St. Luc hospital – for which they work together with KISANO – and Talos have the same overarching direction: translating patients need for solutions that are measurable and actionable. The partnerships and collaborations should develop organically where there are needs that could be complemented by the other.


Esperity and St. Luc hospital

One of the partnerships is a project developed with St. Luc hospital in which Esperity developed a platform that facilitates the autonomy of St. Luc patients. The patients provide information (such as their symptoms, condition, etc.) through surveys which eases the process of checkup for the medical team treating them. The patients’ response, including the older patients, has been very positive towards the platform.

In order for the partnership to work, Esperity worked closely with the medical team – especially the nurses – and the IT committee of the hospital, as well as with KISANO, another Brussels company. St. Luc hospital is in charge of providing the content and the data which is used for the platform. This includes: the medical data and social follow up of the patients, suitable treatments for patients, conditions of patients and the specific actions to take for certain symptoms. Esperity, on the other hand, is in charge of putting all that data into the platform. In other words, the Esperity team translates the data and content which was provided and makes sure that the data is available, correct and comprehensible. This was their biggest challenge: representing data in a clear and easy manner for nurses and patients. This was where the close and direct collaborative work with the nurses and patients was very beneficial. Additionally, the data of the patients had to be secure which also required close work with the IT committee of St. Luc. Being able to interact with them directly, the Esperity team had a better understanding of what works best for the patients.  Esperity teamed up with KISANO to integrate a secure connection for entering medical data outside the hospital setting into a secure hospital environment.


Esperity and Talos

Another partnership that Esperity is involved with is with Talos, the company which produces educational web-events/e-conferences for patients, healthcare professionals and family caregivers. Esperity has taken part in these web-events for two topics: clinical trial awareness and breast cancer. Currently, Talos and Esperity are collaborating in organizing an event in the U.S. called ‘American Cancer E-conference’. This partnership was born thanks to the common goal and patient-centric approach of both companies. They both seek to empower the patients and bridge education from the experts to the patients.


Esperity has benefitted from the flourishing health ecosystem in Brussels and created partnerships with other players around them. They understand that to achieve one’s goals, it is important to look around for others with similar goals and others that could benefit from your expertise.

Ingrid Silalahi