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eHealth booming: Health 2.0 Brussels, 3rd Edition

26 June 2015 - 15:11

The 3rd edition of the Health 2.0 Brussels was held on June 17 at Co.Station.

This time we have had an interesting discussion on the challenges that hospitals face when introducing new technology, especially related to quality and safety.
This introduction was presented by PAQS. The main objective of PAQS is to provide support to hospitals (including psychiatric) to improve the quality and safety by promoting continuous improvement.

This rewarding introduction was followed by 6 demo’s in the traditional 5 minute Health2.0 demo style:

  • ClinicoBru: the non-profit organization founded by a group of Belgian university hospitals in order to improve patient access to clinical trials
  • Imagilys: develops and sells neuroimaging and neurostimulation systems
  • Kisano: a software editor and integrator of management solutions and of exchange and sharing paperless digital medical imaging data
  • LindaCare: makes telemonitoring chronic heart failure patients easy
  • Marjore: aims to improve the diagnostic efficiency for people living with diabetes by revealing correlations in between qualitative and quantitative data in diabetes treatment by an algorithm.
  • Progenda: provides an easy and automated tool for doctors to manage appointments online and to reduce no-shows

We had also the pleasure to welcome Capricorn for a presentation of the Capricorn ICT Arkiv:
The main focus of the Capricorn ICT Arkiv will be Digital Healthcare & Big Data. The fund targets the growing need for financing by promising and innovative ICT projects in the Flemish healthcare, pharma and biotech industry. Processing and analyzing large quantities of data quickly becomes instrumental in the development of new drugs and in the efficient processing of clinical data. It is generally expected that this trend will only gain momentum in the near future.

The meeting ends by a presentation of the support services offered by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and National Contact Point (NCP).

About Health 2.0

Health 2.0 is a network focused on innovations in the delivery of healthcare and health related technology. This network is dedicated to creating a community around Health 2.0 in Belgium, starting in Brussels and Ghent, as part of the international Health 2.0 movement. It’s a venue for sharing, discussing, showcasing and developing ideas for how to improve patient care. If you are interested in the intersection of health care and information technology, this is a group for you. Technology enthusiasts, developers, students, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, patients, designers, social workers are welcome. More info on Health 2.0 Brussels.
The community linked to the Health 2.0 Chapter Brussels gathers already more than 100 members. Don’t wait to join the community on the Health 2.0 Brussels Meetup and be awarded of the upcoming events (next edition will be organized in September).

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