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refugee aid app

Discover the Refugee Aid App

27 March 2017 - 9:38

Since May, Médecins du Monde Belgique has been supporting and contributing to the development of the mobile app « Refugee Aid App » (or « RefAid ») to improve access to information for refugees in Europe. It can be downloaded free for charge on iOS and Android. The app is available in English, Farsi and Arabic.


refugee aid app

Why RefAid?

  • An App for migrants – RefAid is a directory of information dedicated to migrants and refugees. It uses a geolocation system to show where services are closest to them on a map with a very simple interface. Several categories are available: Legal, Admin/Info, Food, Shelter, Water, Parents and children, Non-food items, Unaccompanied children, Women, Health, Education, Toilet/Shower, Work and volunteering, Men , Social life.
  • An App for NGOs – RefAid wants to become the reference interface for NGOs in Europe, allowing them to: 1°- Communicate about their services to men, women, children and parents, and unaccompanied children; 2°- Send messages in real time when users are located in a specific area (eg., unexpected closure of a center, limited opportunity). 3°- Coordinate with other NGOs, and increase efficiency.

In June 2016, the App was nominated for the Europas (start-ups contest), in the category “Best humanitarian technology” sponsored by Unicef . This is a great start!


Where is the App available?

Currently, it is used in Greece, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and USA and it continues to grow via the networks of other NGOs, such as La Croix Rouge, Save The Children, Italian Refugee Council, Caritas. It should also start in Germany, Holland, Sweden and Jordan. About 350 organizations are using the app with 1200 services available.


RefAid in Belgium

About 75 organizations have joined the project in Belgium with 352 services. In order to be used by a significant number of refugees in Belgium, the App has to be filled with as much information as possible.

You can become a simple contributor by agreeing to put information in the app about the services you offer. Or you can become an administrator and then you will be able to manage your information yourself.

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