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Digital health transformation

Your advice counts! Digital Health Transformation- A Call for Action

19 September 2016 - 13:19

Digital will be key to meeting the challenges of health care provision in the 21st Century.

Carefully integrated with the patient journey and clinician workflow, digital is perhaps the most powerful way in which we can deliver health care system transformation, and at the same time improving clinical and financial outcomes. This digital transformation allows systems to become more efficient and patient-centric, with most of the care and monitoring provided remotely. With adequate control, quality labelling and codes of practice, health and personal data issues can be identified, addressed and data-protected.

However, although they are readily available, we still don’t see a broad and systematic adoption of digital technologies in most health care systems. We are facing a number of challenges and need to find the right strategy and action plan to improve stakeholders’ engagement, promote implementations in the clinical setting and accelerate the digital transformation of health care.

With this objective in mind Health 2.0, Mobile World Capital Barcelona and TICBioMed co-organized a digital health champions’ meeting on 12 May 2016, gathering key European leaders from health authorities, patient organisations, health care providers, insurers, start-ups, pharma and venture capital groups in the context of the Health 2.0 Europe conference in order to identify challenges and propose solutions. The document “Digital Health Transformation: A Call for Action” is the result of the event’s discussions.

It lists identified barriers and suggested solutions to a digital transformation into four broad, inter-connected groups:

  • Global Governance
  • The Organisation of Health Systems
  • Providers’ Concerns
  • Communication/Advocacy/Networking/Training

 You can read the document “digital-health-transformation“.

We encourage you to feed the discussion by giving your advice

The conversation is NOT over! We invite you to share your thoughts and contribute to this “Call for Action”. To actively participate in the conversations, please join the LinkedIn group “ Digital HealthTransformation: A Call for Action” .

Your advice counts: all ideas will be listed and a seminar on this theme might be organized during the next Health 2.0 event in May to develop a concrete action plan. We will keep you posted.