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If you have not had the opportunity to participate in eHealth working group or if you would like to share this information , please find below the presentation of Pablo Alcantara , Project Leader of Abrumet .

“What is the Brussels Health Network?

The Brussels Health Network is a project developed by the non-profit organisation Abrumet. It is a network for sharing information. It links all the hospitals in Brussels and Belgium with general practitioners and pools certain medical documents pertaining to patients. Thanks to this network, only hospital doctors and general practitioners treating you and advising you can consult your medical data at any time and in a secure manner. The data that can be accessed on the Brussels Health Network may come from care institutions anywhere in Belgium.​ The Brussels Health Network is a partner of the eHealth platform, a national public project whose mission is to promote and support the exchange of information between all players in the healthcare sector. It is also supported by the Federal Public Service for Public Health, and is associated with equivalent networks in Wallonia and Flanders in order to enable medical data to be exchanged throughout Belgium. All these initiatives are part of the 2013-2018 e-health action plan.​​”