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connecting the dots 2017

Connecting the Dots, Were you there?

6 October 2017 - 13:22

On 14 October, Connecting the Dots, gathered more than 100 Health Enthusiasts. We were proud and happy to share our vision these innovators and health practitioners.

Better Healthcare as a driver, Technology as a tool

The Healthcare sector is confronted to big challenges. Some are global, such as ageing population and the increase of chronic diseases, but some are more local. For instance, Belgian Hospitals need to adapt their models because of changes in the funding modalities and political decisions, with repercussions on the length of hospital stay and specialization of hospitals.

These challenges impact the organization of care.  The so-called first line (general practitioners, home care nurses,..) is becoming more prevalent in these models. So, these caregivers, while still managing their daily job, have also to adapt to these modifications. Such organizational changes generate operational challenges. However, they also create opportunities and therefore are potential sources of innovation.  Technology as such will not bring solutions to these organizational challenges. However, it will be one of the pillars on which innovators will rely to create the necessary tools to tackle those.

Innovation will come from the field

To make a good use of these technologies, the first step is to understand well what the needs of the field are. The patients’ and caregivers’ realities are often very far from what the modeled image that one might have in mind.  Alice Khol‘s movie “Cure” showed these discrepancies intensely.

To connect these different worlds, we need to develop better bridges between them : entrepreneurs & starts-ups, hospitals, first line caregivers, patients,…. This will enable them to meet and learn to know each other, to better understand the environment they are evolving in, to create a common language and to better collaborate. This is why the beHealth Hacakthon (1-3 december 2017) is first step towards mingling different worlds to foster innovation in Continuum of Care.

So, join the community!

At, we strongly believe that reinventing Healthcare will only be possible by building bridges between technology and humanity.

We are convinced this can only be achieved by creating an ecosystem where the world of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the world of traditional Healthcare meet and share experiences.

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