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Address : Avenue de la Couronne , 236B - 1050 Brussels
Website : www.wisdoc.com
Contact person : Laurent Pirard
Vat : BE0649661557


WISDOC is supporting patient empowerment through access to more relevant information and enabling better informed selection of Specialists. It is based on the wisdom of patients, allowing members to recommend Specialists on sub-specialties, with progressive virtualization of pathways of care.


WISDOC is a unique online platform of information (website and app) for searching and selecting a Specialist based on several criteria: subspecialty, location, recommendations from all WISDOC users, recommendations and evaluations from your own Friends & Family community and/or from other patients.

WISDOC let users create their own community of trusted friends, access the recommendations of specialists from their community, send requests to their personal community for specific recommendations and recommend their own specialists on sub-specialties (specific diseases, treatment, medical acts) and skills. Recommendations, and requests for recommendation, can be made anonymously if desired.

Specialists are pre-listed (~430.000 for Benelux and France) with prof. address and phone number. Specialist can “claim” and modify their profile for free and can add information & access custom services for a subscription fee.

Target users:
Population between 20 and 65y old: ~208M in original target countries (Benelux, France, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain)

Target customers:

  1. Doctors and medical specialists in target countries: ~2.15M
  2. Advertisers from the (broad) Medical sector, interested to do advertising on the WISDOC website and Apps:

– Private Insurance companies

– Third-party payers

– Institutions (revalidation home, nursing homes…)

– Pharmaceutical companies

– Food suppl. Companies

– Wellness centers

– etc.