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Address : Avenue F. Roosevelt, , 50, CP161 - 1050 Brussels
Website :
Contact person : Isabelle Lefebvre
Phone : +32 (0)2 650 24 01
Vat : BE407626464

The role of the TTO is to promote collaborative research and business development between the university and its external partners (businesses, public institutions, competition clusters, etc.), and facilitate technology transfer from university to civil society.

More precisely, the TTO’s roles include:

  • supporting researchers in setting up projects that have practical applications
  • transferring R&D technology (negotiating licences, supporting the creation of spin-offs, …)
  • managing the ULB’s Intellectual Property (IP)
  • supporting R&D project development: identification and evaluation of the technical and economic potential of inventions, patent applications, sourcing partners, industrial contract negotiation, securing funding, developing the specifications and budgets, and negotiating agreements, …
  • supporting various themed projects launched by the university, especially in biotechnology (Pôle Santé in Brussels), communication and information technology, or materials.
  • contributing to local and regional economic growth: on behalf of the researchers, the TTO monitors regional calls for tender opened in Brussels (Innoviris, as well as Impulse Brussels)


The TTO is also highly active as part of the LIEU network, the technology transfer network for French speaking Higher Education Institutions in Belgium. The team is made up of highly-specialized professionals (scientific advisors, legal advisors, business developers, communication advisors).


At the ULB today: creation of 40 spin-offs (30 still active), 162 patent families, 66 licensed technologies