E-mail : lp@spentys.com
Website : www.spentys.com
Contact person : Louis-Philippe Broze
Phone : +32 478 53 23 42

Spentys is a Belgium Start-up aiming to improve medical devices through the implementation of 3D printing technology into the current medical landscape.

Our first focus is on the medical casts. As a matter of fact, following a study we’ve made, it was found that out of 108 respondents, 89.8% of people felt that the traditional plaster represented a handicap in their daily-life.

An alternative exists to this problem: 3D printed casts. To offer this solution to the Belgian medical landscape, we’ve developed it in close collaboration with medical advisors from different hospitals. Following this collaboration, we’ve underlined several values for the patient:
1. The use of a 3D printed cast after a surgery
2. The use of a 3D printed cast during a surgery
3. Adjusting the diameter of the 3D printed cast during the deflation of a broken limb
4. Light
5. Custom-made
6. Waterproof
7. Thin
8. And more resistant than the traditional cast

This differentiates us from other foreign players, that do not work with the medical profession (they work in B2C). However, we are making this 3D printing technology accessible to hospitals, medical centers and orthopedists. We offer a service that goes from the scan of the arm to the 3D impression of plaster through the 3D modeling of it.
Regarding our value proposition to our customers, It’s time-saving (and therefore money), which will allow the medical staff to be reassigned to other tasks. Indeed, our process would take a fraction of the time spent on traditional processes. The customers will also meet a greater satisfaction from their patients and have less trash to manage, since our 3D printed cast is recyclable.

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