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Address : Rue de Ransbeek , 310 - 1120 Brussels
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Contact person : Mounia TEJARTI
Phone : + 32 (0) 2 264 1849

ATMI LifeSciences is an acknowledged technology leader in the field of single-use bioprocess systems and consumables for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. Its innovative, market-leading portfolio of single-use disposable storage systems, mixers and bioreactors is driving bioprocess efficiency and delivering value for biopharmaceutical companies around the world.
ATMI’s mission is to continue delivering exciting new products that meet or exceed the expectations of our most demanding biotech industry users.

When it comes to manufacturing single-use products for the biopharmaceutical industry, one thing is critical: to have an intimate knowledge of film and the means to produce it correctly. That begins with a fundamental understanding of polymers, specially selected resins and control of the film extrusion process and environment to insure optimal integrity and performance. As a global performer in film production, it is evident that manufacturing with film has been at the heart of ATMI’s capabilities for 25 years.

Today, ATMI leads the way in the manufacturing and delivery of film-based products for very demanding industries, including notoriously-stringent semiconductor markets. With cleanroom-based manufacturing facilities in Hoegaarden, Belgium and Bloomington, Minnesota, ATMI LifeSciences builds on this expertise to create leading single-use bioprocess vessels, mixers and bioreactors for the biopharmaceutical industry.

ATMI develops and manufactures innovative solutions using additive-free resins, in-house-extruded film and Class 100 cleanroom areas. Through the years, the company has also developed and maintained world-class product development programs, quality assurance programs and global customer service and support networks.

Bioprocess Applications & Development Center

The ATMI facility in Brussels, Belgium, is the site of our cell culture technology and process development activities. Artelis operated in this facility and the Integrity™ PadReactor™, iCELLis™ and Xpansion™ systems were developed here. Our 40-person staff includes chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers, materials scientists, and cell culture applications and process development specialists.

Our facilities include engineering development laboratories for our single-use bioprocess technologies. For cell culture process development and applications support, we have 4 fully-equipped clean room suites that can work with BL2 and BL3 agents. Within the facility, process utilizing ATMI’s full suite of Integrity single-use bioreactors, mixers and bioprocess vessels can be developed using our scalable systems from bench to commercial scale-up to 1000 liters ready for transfer to the customers manufacturing facility.