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Address : Clos Chapelle-aux-Champs , 30, Bte 1.30.30 - 1200 Brussels
Contact person : Faraj Abdessalam
Phone : +32 (0)2 880 62 38
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Vat : BE 0600 898 073

NeoSkinTec is a biotechnology company dedicated to the conception, synthesis and discovery of first class small molecules, to prevent age-related skin disorders.

Our platform technology is based on providing skin cells necessary metabolites to reactivate cell proliferation and therefore delay age related signs appearance (visible wrinkles, expression lines, skin sagging, pigmentation changes, and other environmentally related conditions of the skin).

More than $105 billion was spent globally in 2013 in the appearance segment of anti-aging products, representing a 10% annual growth according to BCC Research. The anti-age market should double by 2025 due to the emergence of middle classes in new markets.

Our business model is to discover and to develop both in vitro and in vivo patentable first class small molecules, and to licence IP rights to potential collaborators for future developments.