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Address : Avenue Joseph Wybranlaan, 40 - 1070 Brussels
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Contact person : Köntges Herbert
Phone : +32 2 529 5101 - +32 2 529 5106 - +32 475 71 5380

Medical Device Works (MDW) brings the right drug, to the right location in the body, at the right concentration–without systemic side effects. The Company pioneers the development of minimally invasive, catheter based medical devices that temporarily isolate diseased organs from the systemic blood circulation and perfuse them with high doses of a physician prescribed drug (PILP). Administering drugs locally, into an isolated organ achieves high local drug concentrations for optimal clinical efficacy, without exposing other organs to drug toxicity. Catheters are placed percutaneously, using proven techniques from interventional cardiology. The procedure is potentially ambulatory and can be repeated in a treatment cycle. The PILP-procedure permits adaptation to personalized treatment parameters (e.g. temperature, oxygen level, ortho-/ retrograde blood flow, adjunct drugs etc.) to fine-tune pharmacological conditions to optimal clinical efficacy. MDW’s lead product is the patented Liver-PILP System for treatment of liver tumors. After extensive pre-clinical tests, the Liver-PILP System is presently in clinical trials in university hospitals in Belgium and France. Results confirm a 7 fold drug (e.g. Oxaliplatin) concentration increase in the liver in comparison to systemic administration, while the systemic drug load is negligibly low and systemic side effects are absent. Multiple procedures had been performed per patient for treatment of liver metastases from colo-rectal cancer. The Liver-PILP System is expected to receive regulatory approval (CE-mark) in 2016 with market introduction to commence afterwards. The PILP organ isolation and infusion technology is a platform technology that can be adapted to other organs and organ specific diseases. MDW develops and manufactures the PILP-System in its ISO 13485 certified clean-room facility at the EEBIC Center. MDW is listed on the private segment of the NYSE-Alternext/ Paris exchange (Symbol: ALMDW).

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