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Innovative simulation video game to prevent childhood obesity, based on alternative pedagogies and supported by scientific research from the Junior Weight Clinic (Queen Fabiola Children’s University Hospital, Brussels)

Problem: obesity crisis, threat to the social security economy, powerlessness of the authorities, inefficacity of media prevention campaigns. By 2022, there will be more obese children in the world than malnourished children (WHO). The major food advice media campaigns: or .be, Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move”, have proved powerless to stop what the WHO calls an epidemic, Innovation: use the capacity of new video games to strongly impact attitudes and behaviors, avoiding the educative style that inhibits the stimulatory effect of immersive play.

Method:  improving the eating and physical behaviour of children aged 5 to 9 years to help them “grow up without getting fat” by focusing on healthy foods and moving more with an intuitive game without words or text to remain elementary and universal.

Play: the natural mechanism of resistance to parents’ nutritional instructions, which is perceived as a restraint to the pleasure of eating, is reversed in a simulation that exchanges roles: the child becomes the parent who makes grow up another himself, incarnated by an avatar in a video game without blah blah.

Playing to be a doll’s mother-dad is a natural and universal tendency that learns more to decide than to obey. The psychological objective is to create positive reflexes very early on: “Eating is not just a pleasure. To grow up and realize our dreams, we must eat a variety of good foods and exercise regularly”.

Scientific guarantee: KESHI is an innovation in the global fight against overweight and obesity, in partnership with the team of Prof. Henri Steyaert, head of the Junior Weight Clinic (Queen Fabiola University Children’s Hospital). The game is developed with the guidance of CPJ psychologists, dieticians and doctors. In October, a scientific research and clinical study on the modification of gambling-induced eating behaviours will begin.

iKIds,  play & grow: Company project is to innovate in tools to fight worldwide overweight and childhood obesity  exploiting the technological leap (VR, AR, geolocation, network cooperation, awarding) in new video games adapted to the different psychological levels of children and adolescents and even young adults. Video games are nowadays the preferred medium for children and teenagers to communicate with each other.

The socio-economic project

Social: it aims to improve individual well-being while protecting the community from a threat to public health budgets.

Economic: its business model is oriented towards profitability to attract investors, public or private, likely to ensure the development and continuous improvement of the game. Its market is twofold: parents concerned about protecting the health of their children and public (and political) authorities concerned about the staggering increase in the costs of obesity. Its marketing will benefit from its label “Useful for children’s health” which distinguishes it from all other video games. Its universal theme (dolls, affection, parenting games) and the support of public health actors (mutuals, social security, insurance, child protection offices, WHO, etc.) will support its distribution (at low cost or reimbursed by mutuals) through school and medical networks, as well as on the many video game sales platforms.

The team, the supporters, the advisors, the experts…

Jean-Pierre Snyers, founder.
Antoine Snyers, Head of Applications Development, Social Lab/Ogilvy Brux, co-funder
Benjamin Snyers, CEO Social Lab/Ogilvy, co-founder
Prof. Henri Steyaert, Head of the Junior Weight Clinic (HUDERF), President of Foundation Child Easy
Pierre Olivier Beckers-Vieujean, President of the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee (COIB)
Prof. Jean-Bernard Otte, Past Pdt Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine
Maxence Debeys, Businessman, co-funder
Vincent Doumier, Corporate Director
Anne Wynen-Dufrane, Dietician-Nutritionist, formerly. Chirec.
Pascal Minotte, Psychologist, researcher, Cresam, Namur
Julien Annart, UCL, Pedagogical Detachment for Video Games, For’J, Charleroi
Dominique Mangiatordi Gamification & Disruption Expert, ØPP, Liège
Bruno Urbain, Studio Fishing Cactus founder & manager, Mons.