Address : rue Saint Lambert, 135 - 1200 Brussels
E-mail : emna.everard@kazidomi.com
Website : www.kazidomi.com
Contact person : Emna Everard
Phone : +32 478 33 34 32
Vat : BE 0652941840

Kazidomi is the latest solution for people with a specific diet.

Be it vegans, people with allergies and intolerances or diabetics, all struggle to find the right products. When they can, they often need to travel between different shops to have a complete offering. Most importantly, too often, the industry has replaced some components by others that, even if better for allergies, are really not recommendable for health purposes.

Our product offering is exclusively dry foods and drinks. We decided to limit our product offering to those 2 types of product since we went to the conclusion that fresh food would be just too complicated to manage for us nowadays.

We created a way to sort the products based on our customer needs. They basically just have to select the filters they are interested in based on their specific diet and our platform will show you only the products they can consume. They end up in a personalized supermarket and can browse our products freely. They won’t have to read the descriptive of each aliment to make sure it is suited to their allergies or diet since we take care of it for them.

A very important thing to mention is that health is at the center of this project. Both founders have a deep interest in healthy food and sport. As a matter of facts, every product is selected with nutritionists and dieticians to check its composition and ensure high quality standards. We have also introduced Kazidomi to hospitals and health experts and today, many already recommend our platform because of its great quality and because they know it can help their patients.

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