InSilico Genomics

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Address : Rue Montagne de st Job, 61 - 1180 Uccle
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Contact person : David Weiss
Vat : BE 0847.519.484

InSilico DB aggregates more than 250,000 samples of microarray and RNA–Seq data (human, mouse and rat) coming from public repositories including GEO and TCGA.

As an InSilico DB user

  • You have access to these data in a standardized format
  • You can run the following analysis tools: GENE–E, Morpheus, GenePattern, GenomeSpace, Integrative Genomics Viewer, R/Bioconductor and Ingenuity Pathways Analysis, without any programming skills
  • You can also upload your own data coming from your own research and run the same tools
  • You can aggregate analyses of your private data with public data
  • You can share your private data with selected users

 As an InSilico DB user you also belong to a huge community of users contributing by adding data, curations and compilations.