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Address : Avenue Nellie Melbalaan , 73 - 1070 Brussels
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Contact person : Céderic Doutrelepont

InduTec has been created on the initiative of the Brussels Industrial Engineering Institutes to provide a common and complementary technology transfer office (interface) to Brussels businesses.

Through InduTec, more than 160 professors and researchers put their scientific know-how at the companies’ service, drawing as well on various research centres or associated organizations/bodies. Acting as an external R&D centre for Businesses and Entrepreneurs, InduTec works in both directions:

Finding industrial/business partners for technological innovations initiated in one of the Institutes when it becomes necessary;

Responding to any requests for research and/or consulting work from the industrial world through contractual research, industrial sub-contracting, collaborative Research and embedded labs.

In addition to Electromedical equipments, the Institutes offer the following area of expertise available to research program and consulting services: Agro-food technologies, Biotechnological sciences, Electronics and ICT, Industrial and Material technologies, Medicine & Human health, Physical sciences & Measurements, Protecting man and Environment, Rational use of energy and, Transport technologies.

InduTec welcomes all collaboration, from the private inventor to the long standing companies, and acts in:

■Engineering processes

■Technological assessment

■Economical assessment

■IPR support

■R&D funding evaluation

■Technical prototype building

■Commercial prototype development

■Marketing plan

■Business plan

At InduTec, we match our engineers’ potential and know-how with Industry’s needs.