Address : Avenue Gustave Latinis , 88 - 1030 Brussels
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Contact person : Jonathan Schreiber
Phone : 0484 36 56 28
Vat : BE0671 531 790

Helpilepsy: Mobile app & Wearable device for people living with epilepsy.

 Alert your loved-ones, understand your epilepsy, improve your treatment

The mission of helpilepsy is to improve the lives of people living with epilepsy, as well as their caregivers.
Helpilepsy achieves this by offering a solution that allows the patient living with epilepsy to manage & understand his epilepsy, as well as have constructive conversations with his physician. Helpilepsy also aims to bring freedom and peace of mind for the patient and his caregivers, by alerting the caregivers when a patient is having a seizure.
Via a wearable device, a smartwatch filled with sensors, helpilepsy detects seizures.

Via a mobile & web app, helpilepsy provides insights on a person’s epilepsy & allows easy sharing with the physician for actionable conversations.


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