European Critical Care Foundation (ECCF)

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Address : Rue de la Cambre , 284 - 1200 Brussels
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Contact person : Helen Brewer
Phone : 00 32 496 285 664

Who we are: The European Critical Care Foundation (ECCF) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation established to improve the care of critically ill patients across Europe.

What we do: ECCF acts a platform for medical societies and other stakeholders working to improve the care of critically ill patients.  Based on rigorous academic research, ECCF sheds light on factors that lead to poor outcomes, provides a forum for discussion and collaboration on multi-disciplinary projects, and brings visibility at a political level into issues affecting the care of the critically ill. The organisation then acts as a catalyst for action that will help to shape healthcare policy and practice, improve outcomes for critically ill patients and their families, and contribute to stronger European health systems.

Our values: The European Critical Care Foundation strives to be:

  • Evidence-led – supporting policies and practices that comply with current professional knowledge and standards of care
  • Patient-centred – considering critically ill patients or their surrogate decision-makers as key partners in the process of care
  • Population-focused – promoting optimal use of resources without differences, variations and disparities in the health achievements of individuals or groups
  • Independent, inclusive and impactful, through respectively:
    • commitment to ECCF’s mission, strong leadership and governance, & diversity of funding
    • a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing barriers to better outcomes
    • strategic, targeted EU advocacy in alliance with partners active across Europe