Eglé by HealthCompass

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Address : UCL, Place du Levant bte L5.04.04, 2 - 1348 Louvain-La-Neuve
Contact person : Aissa Ghouti
Phone : 027643481
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Our mission is supporting patient empowerment through the development of a scalable platform of multimedia tools, designed to improve medical care and foster communication between the patient, the family and health professionals.

The Eglé platform will comprise:

  • a scalable platform accessible from a simple web browser;
  • a structured set of medical knowledge;
  • a communication tool allowing the patient or relatives to receive and send data;
  • a personalized system for monitoring the patient’s health on a daily basis;
  • and a dedicated area for information exchange and communication between health professionals.

This platform will allow patients to benefit from personalized expertise in the management of their disease (according to their experience), gain autonomy in the care relationship and reinforce their role as a partner in this relationship. To this end, special attention will be given to the following:

  • the quality and availability of information, validated by the medical;
  • the centralization of personal data;
  • the possibility for the patient to send personal data to caregivers and ask questions related to his or her illness, through messages or a video chat;
  • the provision of personalized advice enabling the patient to adapt to certain situations and everyday problems;
  • intelligent customization of the platform and tools based on the patient’s daily usage, thereby promoting long-term medical monitoring.

Our consortium is composed of  :

  • specialists in public health and the social sciences (IRSS, CDMB and CDCS) for ensuring compliance with the relevant legal and ethical requirements in this area;

experts in artificial intelligence (IRIDIA) and software engineering (ICTEAM) to provide expertise in the management of patient data, platform customization and the design of an intuitive interface, paving the way for optimal user experience.