Address : Avenue Tervuren , 81 - 1040 Etterbeek
E-mail : pierre.portevin@daredo.net
Website : www.daredo.net
Contact person : Pierre Portevin
Vat : BE-894.770.164

Daredo’s mission is to develop digital products to help people think and act differently, to live a more fulfilling and serene life. DareDo is a sister company of the Paris Institut de Médecine Environnementale (IME) and of the Brussels Neuro Cognitivism Institute (INC). Our products have been developed with the aim of improving people’s quality of life, and are based on the findings of 20 years of research of the IME. We are also nourished by the knowledge and best practices developed by world leading positive psychology scientists, world leading coachs and latest neuroscience research.

We are currently engaged in two key activities:
● Mobile apps: we are focused on the development of two products. The first called MindShaker, will help people change their perspective, think differently, and find serenity when they are feeling stressed. The second app called DareDo, will help people pass from an intention into action. The goal here is to shape our life by doing the little steps necessary to get out of our comfort zone and move toward what the life we really want to live.

● Online e-coaching programmes: ranging from learning how to cope better with stress or overcome chronic insatisfaction, to using the power of our prefrontal cortex and adaptive thinking to better overcome modern problems. These e-coaching programmes can be considered a companion to our mobile apps. They will delve more deeply into the scientific theories of our brain functioning and give
different practical exercises that won’t be available in our apps due to the smaller screen constraints.
Even if we will start serving the french speaking market, our aim is to go quickly global. Our bigger customers will be women in between 25 to 50 years of age. We are looking for scientific and technical partners, to move our apps to the next level (e.g. AI coaching app similar to Siri) and to implement sensors that can detect early stress triggers in order to suggest alternative ways of thinking or acting, which can lead to more
serenity and happiness.