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Address : BLSI – Clos Chapelle-aux-Champs, , 30 - 1200 Brussels
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Contact person : Florence Bosco
Phone : +32 496 54 05 65

The three university hospitals of Brussels (UZ Brussel, CU Saint-Luc and CUB Erasme) each play a leading role in clinical research. With the support of Innoviris (Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation) they co-founded the shared patient recruitment resources centre, ClinicoBru, as a non-profit association in 2014 with the following objectives: to improve patient access to clinical trials, to support Clinical Investigators in their recruitment efforts, and to improve patient enrolment performance levels required by Pharmaceutical Companies.

 Our vision

The time of blockbusters is over. With the evolution towards personalized medicine and the increased focus on rare diseases, patient populations for clinical trials are becoming smaller and smaller.

These challenges have implications for patient recruitment. To reach the necessary efficiency levels, patient recruitment plans should become continuous, pro-active and based on the way patients access the healthcare system. New recruitment activities such as agenda based pre-screening, connecting with a Pivot Entity at a hospital or leveraging the right medical networks involves multiple stakeholders: Physicians in the same department, other departments in the same hospital, Physicians in other hospitals and other healthcare professionals. This complexity requires an additional operational role of ‘Recruitment Facilitator’ to reinforce the traditional Clinical Investigator/Study Nurse team. This is the role of ClinicoBru.

Our added value

As an independent patient recruitment service provider, ClinicoBru operates as a ‘vendor’ offering 4 distinct service packages that allow Pharmaceutical Companies to dedicate a specific budget to patient recruitment, making it possible for Clinical Investigators to receive the expert support they need to reach eligible patients. Furthermore, ClinicoBru enables Physicians to actively contribute to clinical trials by becoming official recruitment stakeholders, so called ‘Referring Physicians’. Discover our 4 service packages, Your Patients, Your Department, Your Hospital, Your Country, on our website


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