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Address : Rue Emile Francqui, , 6 - 1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert
Website : www.2-observe.com
Contact person : Sébastien Cherpion
Phone : 010391680
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Vat : BE0829.230.234

2-Observe develops innovative solutions that allow a timely intervention in case of deterioration of health status based on a proactive, contactless, easy and reliable detection.

In a world of continuous information, hospitals (and furthermore General Wards) did not receive continuous information about patients. As soon as the nurse closes the door, the patient is left alone and many complications may happen. The LOm is an innovation for high-risk patient continuous supervision in General Wards.

How does it work  ?

It observes the patient and detects the absence of movement because the patient has left the bed or because of a respiratory failure. In case of detection, it sends an information to a receiver carried by the nurse.

The LOm allows an intervention in 100% of the use cases and 25% of patients supervised by the LOm needed an intervention. Our latest clinical experience counts only 2 false alarms for 1000 hours of use.

Key features

Based on a patent combining the passive infra-red (PIR) technology and a calibrated algorithm, it is contactless and emission-free for the patient. Its redesigned is the result of an important user experience on the field.

Easy to move around, to install and to use, the Life Observer mobile is deployed without effort over the patient.

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