MedTech Accelerator® 2019



The MedTech Accelerator® is a Belgian national initiative developed by, MedTech Flanders & MedTech Wallonia.
We want to accelerate the MedTech innovation potential present in each Region capitalizing on the expertise, infrastructure and ecosystems available on the national territory. The MedTech Accelerator® is financially supported by the European Regional Development Fund, the Brussels-Capital Region and the Walloon Region.


The MedTech Accelerator® is here to boost medical entrepreneurship in Belgium. Whether your innovative healthcare idea represents a software, hardware, service or a combination, (according to the Regulation (EU) 2017/745) our 4-month program (12 full days) will tackle significant challenges of the MedTech sector. Top experts in the field will guide you through key topics such as value proposition, business modeling, reimbursement, IP, regulatory requirements and many more.

Medtech Accelerator was a wonderful opportunity for our medtech spin-off project. On the one hand we had the opportunity to meet the Belgian Medtech experts and on the other hand, it learned me to and how to get out of the lab.

The MedTech Accelerator aided us to lift our project out of the “academic comfort zone”. We received valuable tools on how to involve customers in smarter product development. There were lot of chances to prepare an excellent pitch and to showcase our solution. It was really a very inspiring, intensive journey with a lot of fun!

We had a great idea and a lot of motivation, but no single clue of what it will take to bring it to the market, the Medtech accelerator answered it all.

The MedTech Accelerator was a good opportunity for Cytomine, a young company in the biomedical imaging market, to share experience with other entrepreneurs, analyse the first months of commercial activity, validate new business models, and learn more about specific certification issues of the hospital sector.

The MedTech Accelerator is a great program with an introduction to all the necessary topics for a health start-up. What I loved most, was the network the MedTech Accelerator offers and the way they arranged for us to meet these interesting health-people!


MT valise
Hands on
Practical workshops on business aspects
MT peers
Pitch to and learn from other participants
MedTech specifics
Talks and Q&A with subject-matter experts
Personalized coaching to tackle your challenges and reach your objectives in a timely fashion
MT networking
Access to the Belgian MedTech ecosystem
MT shine
Showcase your project


Your solution is a medical device or is expected to become a medical device as per EU Regulation 2017/745
 You do have a first lab proof of concept
 Your market hypotheses have been verified with your potential customers / partners
☑ Your startup or your project is established/willing to establish in Belgium
☑ Your startup is about to be created or is less than 3 years old

* Additional information are to be found on the application form


✦ 15 projects/startups will be selected to join the MedTech Accelerator® 2019 (5 per Region).

✦ Only projects/startups fulfilling the eligibility criteria will be analyzed by the selection committee in January (cfr. Registration form).

✦ A registration fee of 1.250€ (incl. VAT) per project applies if you are selected for the MedTech Accelerator® program and will have to be paid upfront.

✦ A refundable guarantee of 500€ (incl. VAT) will have to be paid by each selected project. The refund will be paid after the program if the reference person of the project/startup attends at least 80% of the sessions.

✦ Certificates of attendance will be delivered to projects/startups having attended at least 80% of the program and the 2 pitch nights.

✦ During the final pitch night, a prize will be awarded to the project/startup having progressed the most during the acceleration program.


For who ?

Enthusiast entrepreneurs, established in Belgium (or willing to establish in Belgium), willing to take their MedTech project/startup to the next level with the help of dedicated mentors and experts.

Where ?

Several places in Belgium
Precise timing and venues will be confirmed to selected participants

Price ?

A unique registration fee of 1.250€ (incl. VAT) per project/startup,
regardless of the number of people in the project/startup + a refundable guarantee of 500€ (incl. VAT) per project/startup.
Guarantee will be refunded at the end of the program if the reference person of the project/startup attends at least 80% of the sessions.


Sophie Lienart